500 Willow Street, Suite 204 
Council Bluffs, Iowa  51503  
By Appointment, Only
transformational life & grief coaching - therapeutic massage - vibroacoustic therapy 
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500 Willow Street, Suite 204
  Council Bluffs, Iowa  51503
712 216-3303
By Appointment, Only

Your journey begins with a Free 30-minute Strategy Call where you will discover how coaching with me will break you free of old patterns that have been keeping you stuck and show you how to say "yes" to what you know is REALLY possible while giving you the tools to maintain those changes when our work together is completed.  

We will determine what you REALLY want and which coaching package will bring your vision into reality the quickest and most effectively.  

When you're sure you are ready to move in the direction of your dreams, I will accept your payment and we'll schedule our first coaching session.

Soon after, you will receive email notification with instructions for how to get your bonuses.  

You will also receive a coaching agreement and other forms via email which you will print out, sign and send back to me electronically or via snail mail.   

We typically meet twice monthly, depending upon your choice of packages ensuring you have enough time to focus effectively on your homework (heartwork), and giving you the most value for your investment.  Our sessions last from 60-90 minutes each.

No need to navigate snow-packed roads or icy windshields.  Sessions will be conducted via phone or video call so that all you have to do is relax into sacred time with a cup of tea, a pen & paper to take notes.

In our first session, we'll explore your spark, your passion and your still, small voice.  We'll identify where you are, where you want to be and how best to get you from point A to point B and then get busy with the business of doing just that.

In subsequent sessions, we will review your goals, set an intention for our session, explore, uncover & recover your authentic path through various tools & transformational processes, identify next steps and ensure that your intention for our session was met before closing.   

Repeat as necessary until your life is so full of freedom, peace and fulfillment, you cry "Uncle!".

Remember, if you could do it on your own, you wouldn't be reading this right now. But together We've Got This! until I give you the tools you've needed and you blast off into your beautiful, new life all on your own, all your own way!

Click on the link below to request a Free 30-minute Strategy Telephone session and take the first step to your 
fantastic future!
...if nothing changes, nothing changes...
what people are saying

"I made more progress with you than I had in decades of therapy and medications. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is struggling. I am VERY Pleased. It's all real, and it's done with the Light of the Holy Spirit. You, my dear are am instrument of God, to help people, like myself, & with clear understanding, I was able to help another sister in Christ within a week!"
-Stephanie Saunders, California, US

"I've been blessed with having a video consultation with Laura. I was pleasantly surprised with her calm, loving personality. She asked me a couple of questions and with her easy way of talking it was so easy to open up to her.  Within minutes she helped me realize and see what caused my blockage. It was like she waved a magic wand over me. I was able to face the problem and released it. I am so happy and so blessed to have had this session. My outlook changed within minutes.  Oh Laura thank you!  What a blessing you are. Please keep helping people like me."
-Amanda Swiegers, Johannesburg, South Africa

"First talking to Laura you can feel that she is a calming, loving soul. Her voice alone has a way of really putting you in a peaceful state. Her sessions bring on clarity and bring out things that no longer serve you, and she does it with ease and grace. We discovered some limiting beliefs about past abusive relationships that I truly didn't think were still hanging around. During our session we really went deep and brought these to the surface to be cleared. Afterwards I felt amazing and refreshed and just so much lighter in bringing those forth. Laura is a great coach with a gift to bring forth what you are looking for. Working with her was an amazing experience that I'd recommend to everyone."
-Becky LeBrun, Garrettsville, Ohio

"Laura helped me get clear on going to Esthetician school."
-Leslyn, North Carolina, US

”You are an awesome person and I would recommended you for any kind of problems women need help with.  You taught me a lot and you gave me a lot of good stuff to work with.”  
-Mary Smith, Maryland