500 Willow Street, Suite 204 
Council Bluffs, Iowa  51503  
By Appointment, Only
transformational life & grief coaching - therapeutic massage - vibroacoustic therapy 
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Spirit of the Bluffs offers transformational life & grief coaching, therapeutic massage and vibroacoustic therapy by appointment, only.

When the time came to design my business cards, I faced the challenge of coming up with a logo with which to represent myself and what I do, here. While considering things that were meaningful to me and expressed my reverence for life and working with others, my thoughts drifted back to the mountains of Arkansas where I spent a beautiful 35 years of my life.  

My quest for deeper meaning was accelerated by a weekend in 1997 where I was asked to speak at the retreat center where I  was introduced to a women's drum circle. Drums were shared with the group, for those of us who had none, and with that first introduction to the magic of drumming in rhythm with other women, a spark was ignited within me. In the years to follow, I met monthly with this women's drumming circle, come to be known as The Otter Sisters, based upon a turn of the century group of Native American women who called themselves The Otter Society. These women became my sisters and gave me the impetus to pursue another realm of my path as a tool for the Great Mystery.  

I bought my own drum and subsequently, another after gifting a fellow Otter Sister with my first. This second drum I decided to decorate. I was hesitant. The drum, we were taught, signified one's very Heart, to be treated with reverence and respect. So it was with trepidation I began to contemplate the design to use on my precious drum. Then it occurred to me. I would incorporate the very hand prints of my 4 precious grandsons. I decided that when we could all be together once more, I would paint one hand of each boy and, pressing each onto the surface of my drum, obtain their hand prints forever on my Heart.  This would happen on Easter Sunday, 2009.  

On April 9th, 2009 3 days before Easter, an F3 tornado struck our town, damaging over 600 homes and taking the lives of 3 people. Our home was one of the damaged. We were fortunate that half of our house remained and it was there we spent a ravaged, disillusioned, wet and cold Easter Sunday. However, my office remained intact, as well as my drum, and it was there, one by one, I captured the hand prints of my 4 precious grandsons, preserving them forever on my heart.

The image you see in my advertising is a watercolor rendering of that drum which I painted late one night. 
 To me, it signifies the circle of life, survival and my Heart reaching out to Your's.

500 Willow Street, Suite 204
 Council Bluffs, Iowa  51503
712 216-3303
By Appointment, Only