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Vibroacoustic Therapy
What Is It?

Vibroacoustic therapy is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body.  Each frequency affects different body tissues making it possible to select those specifically therapeutic to the client based on his or her current mind-body-spirit issues.  Some frequencies target specific, physical tissues while others are used to create a therapeutic relaxation response.  Still others target the body's energy system.  Some frequencies used also incorporate actual music into the session, while others consist of only tones or vibrations.  

What Happens?

As always at the beginning of your session, you and I will discuss your needs, goals and expectations from the work.  From the information you provide me, I will select the sound frequencies that I feel best meet your requirements for that particular session.  

You may remain fully clothed for this work unless you wish to incorporate therapeutic massage into your Vibroacoustic session.  You will lie on the Vibroacoustic table as in a regular massage session.  The Vibroacoustic table is fitted with transducers (speakers) which are built into the structure of the table and not detectible until the frequencies are employed during your Vibroacoustic session.  You will be offered an eye covering, if desired.  Overhead relaxation music may be listened to in addition to the sound frequencies emitted by the table during your session.  Your Vibroacoustic therapy will be enhanced by a foot, hand and possibly scalp massage, depending upon your needs at the time.  You may also add energy work to the session which further enhances the therapeutic benefit of the frequencies.  Depending upon your goals for the session, the time spent in the frequencies will vary between 30 - 45 minutes  during which you will enjoy a deep state of relaxation.  After the frequencies have been delivered for the prescribed amount of time, you will be allowed up to 15 minutes to "come back" from the session and may remain reclining on the table during that time.  

I will remain in the room with you during the entire session, stepping out only during your recovery time afterward during which time the frequencies will be turned off.  If you have not emerged from the massage room after 15 minutes, I will reenter the room and gently awaken you, notifying you that our time is up.  You will be offered a cool bottle of water to aid in grounding and rehydration after your session.  Total time for most sessions is approximately 60 minutes, start to finish.

$65 per session

Read more about Vibroacoustic therapy at Stephen Deuel's website.  Stephen is the owner of Inner Soulutions and the builder of my own vibroacoustic table. 

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