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transformational life & grief coaching - therapeutic massage - vibroacoustic therapy 
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Therapeutic Massage

Every massage at Spirit of the Bluffs is highly individualized to meet your needs and preferences for each session.  Varying levels of pressure, body work techniques and tools (hot stones, warmed and moist towels, music, lubricants) are designed to deliver the highest level of satisfaction.  We will work together to determine what works best for you each time you visit.
Spa Treatments

Deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing, Spirit of the Bluffs offers highly customized body wraps, scrubs and more.  Cocooned in the warmth of your body wrap or invigorated by your customized body scrub, you will be pampered to the highest level as you experience the therapeutic effects of exfoliation, hydration and light massage.  

Vibroacoustic (Sound) Therapy

You will seem to leave your body behind as you experience one of the deepest levels of relaxation you have ever known.  Sound frequencies are gently introduced through a specialized massage table, creating a therapeutic effect upon tissues, the energy system strongly evoking the relaxation response of the body.  Unbelievably  relaxing, you have to experience this modality to comprehend it.  
Energy Work

Subtle work with the energy field of the body.  Gentle touch and some hands-off techniques are used to open and balance energy centers, reduce energy congestion and eliminate energy blockages thereby supporting health and wellbeing.  Effective alone or as an enhancement to your massage or Vibroacoustic session as well as an excellent alternative when body work is not an option due to injuries or other physical limitations.   

Transformational Life Coaching  (Click this link for more info)

I used to spend 40+ hours a week doing work that sucked my soul dry leaving nothing left for me, let alone anyone else, and I didn't know how to stop. I felt trapped, depressed and angry. I prayed for relief, yet nothing changed. I felt like I was on a crazy merry-go-round and I couldn't get off. 

A small part of me was secretly happy when a tornado struck our house in 2009 so I could finally stay home and work in the yard!  

I questioned my work ethic, yet now I can work for 16 hours at a time and jump out of bed early next morning, excited to get started again.  

I do work that feeds (and fills) my soul and I live like I was being called to my whole my life, but just didn't know how to listen.  

And it's work that I never, ever refer to as "work" because it doesn't feel like work. It feels like a deep breath of fresh air.  

And I haven't wished for a natural disaster for a long time.  

I would love to help you find the life your Highest Self knows is possible for you, even if you're not sure what that looks like, yet. It may be a career change, it may be a move or something more internal and subtle.  

Whatever it is, I can give you the tools and show you how to use them and I promise pretty soon, you'll be singing in the shower and dancing in the kitchen out of sheer joy for life.  

Click on the Coaching Tab at the top of this page to learn how we can work together and then call or text me at 1.712.216.3303 or email me by clicking the button above to schedule a Free 30-minute Strategy Session and let's get you moving into the life you REALLY want.