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transformational life coaching - therapeutic massage - vibroacoustic therapy 
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Therapeutic Massage

Every massage at Spirit of the Bluffs is highly individualized to meet your needs and preferences for each session.  Varying levels of pressure, body work techniques and tools (hot stones, warmed and moist towels, music, lubricants) are geared to deliver the highest level of satisfaction.  We will work together to determine what works best for you each time you visit.
Spa Treatments

Deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing, Spirit of the Bluffs offers highly customized body wraps, scrubs and more.  Cocooned in the warmth of your body wrap or invigorated by your customized body scrub, you will be pampered to the highest level as you experience the therapeutic effects of exfoliation, hydration and light massage.  

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Vibroacoustic (Sound) Therapy

You will seem to leave your body behind as you experience one of the deepest levels of relaxation you have ever known.  Sound frequencies are gently introduced through a specialized massage table, creating a therapeutic effect upon tissues, the energy system strongly evoking the relaxation response of the body.  Unbelievably  relaxing, you have to experience this modality to comprehend it.  
Healing Touch

Subtle work with the energy field of the body.  Gentle touch and some hands-off techniques are used to open and balance energy centers, reduce energy congestion and eliminate energy blockages thereby supporting health and wellbeing.  Effective alone or as an enhancement to your massage or Vibroacoustic session as well as an excellent alternative when body work is not an option due to injuries or other physical limitations.   

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Transformational Life Coaching 

Life Coaching can help you to turn a few worn-out habits and thought patterns around or transform your entire life!  It's all up to you.  

Laura respectfully and gently supports and guides you through the inner chatter, the shoulda-woulda-coulda, to identify, and then remove the blocks between you and Your Own Sacred Path.    

3-month coaching packages are designed according to what you want to uncover, discover and/or recover.  

Coaching sessions are conducted via telephone from anywhere in the world.  

Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Session to discuss where you are now, what's working and what's not and to see if life coaching is right for you. 

This can be the year you create the life you always wanted.  

Email Laura@spiritofthebluffs.com to schedule your free Discovery Session.