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Red Tent Women's Gathering
Red Tent Women's Gathering is a non-religious, multicultural , inter-generational community where women gather with other women in understanding, companionship, nurturing and acceptance to listen, laugh, cry, tell stories, sing, rest, do art and other nurturing practices with respect for all voices and perspectives in a non-judgmental safe, sacred space. 

The Red Tent "movement" was spurred by the novel, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant set in biblical times and based upon the age-old practice of women in many different cultures being segregated from the rest of society during their menstruation (or "moon time"). This story inspired women around the world to start their own Red Tents in support and community with other women, our Sisters.

On Saturdays, October 6, November 10, December 1, in 2018 (and subsequent monthly Red Tent dates to be announced) the doors will be open at Spirit of the Bluffs at 500 Willow Street, Suite 204 in Council Bluffs, Iowa from 11am-3pm for any and all women to drop in at any time or to come and stay for the duration. 

There may, or may not be specific  planned activities, just women gathering together to talk and support each other in whatever manner we feel moved, at the time.

You may bring a throw and pillow to ensure your comfort or use those available at our location. You may wish to bring non-alcoholic beverages and/or food for yourself or to share. You may wish to bring a notebook for journaling, a book to read, a drum or other instrument to play or other objects you see as nurturing and affirming. But remember that this not a time for "doing". It is a time of being. We are not here to "fix" each other but to hold safe, sacred space; a place of allowing.

Please try to join us if only for a brief stay. Even a few moments of nurturing self-care and immersion in sisterhood can restore vital energy and allow us to continue to meet the demands of our busy lives.

We are just beginning our community in this space and expect our population to ebb and flow as all things must, especially in the beginning. We will feel our way along these first few meetings as our path together unfolds.  

Admission is free though donations are welcomed for Meetup fees and other minimal expenses.  

No alcohol, drugs or solicitation, please.

If you would like more information or wish to connect, text or call Laura at 1.712.216.3303 or email Laura@SpiritoftheBluffs.com